Purchased Art Work

The artist asserts that all art works are original creations and that he has accurately represented the mediums and materials used to prospective buyers. Works become the property of the purchaser once full and final payment is made. Where art work is paid by instalment, it remains the property of the artist until the agreed price has been paid in full. The artist reserves the right to remove art that is not fully paid for within the timeframe agreed by the parties and set out in a signed purchase agreement. No refund will be payable where purchasers break the terms of their purchase agreement.

If you are interessed by buy some Mark Tinsdall’s works, please click on this link.

Should a purchaser wish to use an art work for a commercial purpose (ie trademark an image) NZ law requires the specific co-operation of the artist as the creator of the work. The artist will co-operate where it is reasonable to do so to support commercial endeavours involving his art, but reserves the right not to agree to have his image creations used in ways that are offensive to him or exploitative of others.

Resale & Protecting Your Art Investment  

Purchasers are requested to offer the artist, his agents and/or his estate first right of refusal if and when they wish to sell or dispose of M H Tisdall works. This is in no way binding on purchasers. It is however in their best interests because it helps protect purchaser’s art investment.

Purchasers may by agreement negotiate the return of works to the artist (if they are in good condition) as part or full trades on newer works. Any purchaser may register an interest with the artist in an already sold work, and the artist will notify the owner of that work that there is a resale purchaser for the work.

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